Fayoum x Baharia 4×4 Road Trip

Unique itinerary and special 4×4 route.

Away from the crowded areas as much as possible.

Unveiling the hidden gems in Fayoum desert with the experts, the biggest Bedouin tribe in Fayoum Desert.

DF Camp Setup

Elite camp setup that includes

Saloon tent – Kitchen tent – Private sleeping tent

Soft / hot drinks station

All lit with soft lights and candles

Emergency 220V electricity

Mattresses + Blankets + Sleeping bag + Pillows + sleeping tent

4×4 Cars

DF offers luxurious 4×4 experience for our guests

Ensured luxury, comfort and safety

Eco-lodge / Hotel

Experience very special Eco-lodge stay

Clean rooms, beds and toilets

Hot & cold water

It’s a unique experience we are sure you will like it!

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Fayoum x Baharia 4×4 Road Trip